Handmade Gyoza..Hackney style.

Our gyoza story started with a trip to Osaka and multiple brilliant small izakaya bars, serving the ultimate beer pairing food..GYOZA! 

All our gyoza are made fresh daily with an amazing Japanese gyoza making machine and as you will see the only gyoza steamer in the UK.

These small parcels of goodness are a great pairing for drinks

On the menu:

Veggie (vegan): tofu and vegetable gyoza, with shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, ginger and much more. lovely with a pint of lager. The refreshing, crisp feel of a lager goes beautifully with veggie gyoza

Pork and chive: includes ginger, garlic and sake. Goes well with any pale ale or IPA: vibrant hops taste great with the complex tastes and textures of this meaty gyoza

Chicken: chilli and lemongrass round out the chicken. Try with weissbier or a sour, to create a classic combo, the balance of wheat and citrus from weissbier adding zest to the chicken

Pork and Kimchi: cooked in sesame oil and made with anchovy and shrimp sauce, the kimchi is divine. We recommend pairing with an IPA from our menu, as punchy hops complement the kimchi fizz beautifully